Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Student wellbeing, safety and happiness are the epitome of concern at Summit International School. The newly established pastoral care department, headed by the Pastoral Care Coordinator has put a number of comprehensive support systems in place to ensure the wellbeing of students while they are at Summit.

Summit has truly put the needs of its pupils at the very heart of the school’s operation and continues to build from there. The Pastoral care at Summit is all-inclusive, with students throughout the school supported by their peers, Homeroom Teacher, Coordinators, Supervisors, the Pastoral Care Coordinator, Director of Student Services, the Vice-Principal and the Principal.

The department uses data driven information to address students’ needs and concerns. Summit students have displayed a great track record of good behavior. This pastoral team is also supported by an excellent Counselling team which is further strengthened by the Learning Support team.

The pastoral care department has worked tirelessly to:

  1. Support the achievement of the school’s values and beliefs.
  2. uphold the vision and aims of the school
  3. Ensure all adults in the school work cooperatively.
  4. Ensure that all students work in a courteous, caring and responsible manner at all times
  5. Support all parents during difficult times.
  6. Create a supportive and nurturing school environment.