Admission Criteria

Admission Criteria

Summit International School welcomes applications from students of all nationalities who demonstrate that they can successfully cope with our academic program and contribute positively to the school. Priority is given to students who have a sibling at the school.

We encourage prospective parents and students to tour our school (for which an appointment must be made). Parents seeking admission for their child are encouraged to apply early due to space constraints.


An informal assessment/Interview will be held with the child, who is new to SIS to assess suitability and readiness to start school.

Enrolment Procedures

Step 1: Enquiry
During the tour, a school representative will show you the facilities highlighting areas of special interest to you and your child(ren).
We will answer your queries regarding documents required year/age level, fee structure, policy, etc.
We will issue you a School Brochure, Tuition Fees, Age Requirement, Admission required documents. These forms can also be downloaded online.

Step 2: Application Submission
Parents must complete the Admission Application Form.
Once a space from our waitlist becomes available, our admission team will contact parents of the prospective students to bring their child in for an Assessment/Interview The following documents must be submitted in time with application:-

Once a student passes the Assessment/ Interview, our Admission Team will contact the parents to formally offer the place and parents will be required to submit the following documents:

Please CLEARLY photocopy the documents listed below and submit them In the same order when registering your student.

Document الوثائق المطلوبة
1 Application Form طلب التسجيل
2 3 photos (Student) 3 صور شخصية للطالب (خلفية بيضاء)
3 A copy of Passport (student) صورة عن جواز السفر للطالب
4 A copy of residence visa(Student) صورة عن الإقامة سارية المفعول(للطالب)
5 Birth Certificate شهادة الميلاد (مصدقة)
6 Immunization card صورة عن بطاقة التطعيم
7 Health Record استمارة السجل الصحي للطالب (من المدرسة)
8 Emirates Identity (Student) صورة عن هوية الطالب (كلا الجهتين)
9 Passport & Visa Copy (Father) صورة عن جواز السفر والإقامة (الأب)
10 Passport & Visa Copy (Mother) صورة عن جواز السفر والإقامة (الأم)
11 One photo for each parent صورة شخصية لكل من الأب والأم
12 Current Year Report آخر شهادة دراسية
13 Transfer Letter (out of ADEK region) شهادة انتقال طالب ( خارج امارة ابوظبي والعين)
14 Electricity Bill فاتورة كهرباء لمكان السكن

NOTE: To ease the registration process, please ensure that you bring copies of the above-mentioned documents requested as the school will not be able to photocopy your documents.

Step 3: Admission and Enrolment

Student enrolment is subject to approval from the UAE Ministry of Education.
A student’s placement in a year group depends on the Transfer Certificate submitted to the Admission Office as well as the student age appropriateness.