Assessment Policies

Assessment Policy

At Summit International School, Different types of Assessments are used  (Diagnostic, MAP and Continuous Internal Assessments) to inform our planning, track our students’ attainment and progress and feed into our School’s Action Plans. Through these multiple sources of data, we are able to monitor and track the performance of cohorts, identify where interventions are required and support students to reach their potential growth.

Summit International School uses MAP as the external benchmark testing tool . It is an online, adaptive and interactive assessment that generates data through RIT scores to measure achievement and growth in Language Arts, Reading, Math and Science during the academic year.

The internal assessments form an integral part of teaching and learning and the disaggregated data is used in the curriculum review process to ensure that the students are performing on a continuum basis in regards to their attainment levels. Some courses use Skill Assessment Rubrics and Performance-based rubrics to stretch the students’ critical thinking and innovative abilities.

The Assessments focus on Continuous Progress Tracking of students’ acquisition of standard-aligned skills and concepts. The Continuous Assessments use a variety of tools to measure the students’ performance against the Common Core/MOE Learning Standards.

Please click on the links below to see Summit’s Assessment and Evaluation Policy (in English and in Arabic)  and the Weighting of Assessment Components for each Cycle and Subject.