January 26, 2020 Dear Parents and Guardians, Today we begin a big step forward in increasing the security of the school and the safety of your children. You are receiving 4 ID cards today. One is for your student. He/She will wear it when in school. The other three are for family members who are cleared to receive and represent your child or children. Their name must be with the registrar. Going forward please display your ID as you enter the gates and be prepared to show it when asked. Although this may seem as an inconvenience, we feel the extra measures serve the children well. Yes, we are a relatively small family at Summit, and we truly appreciate that many of you have been here since Summit opened our doors for climbing. Even though we know most of you, there is no substitute for the safety and security of our children. As safety is our #tothetop priority, we ask that if you plan to walk past reception, then sign in with your name, mobile number, reason for your visit and the time in and time out. Just as you know all who enter your home, we need a record of all visitors to our school. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Respectfully, Lee Dabagia Principal