We are happy to announce that we got the approval from ADEK regarding the amendments made to our end of term reporting procedure! Continuous Assessments will continue to be the main assessment method in Term 3 to measure the students' growth and performance throughout the Term and to ensure validity, reliability, and diversity of the assessment tools. They yield more accurate data reaching the teacher early enough to modify instruction and will include the teachers' ongoing feedback to students that leads to deeper understanding and future learning. Our Common-Core/MAP and MOE Standard Aligned platforms - Edmentum and ALEF will be used to incorporate assessments that will inform and guide data-driven instruction for individual students in addition to other tools. Delivering engaging, content-rich instructional activities has remained our priority. As a result of this work, we have made slight changes to the Term 3 Final Report Cards for KG students who will receive Comment-based Report Cards and for Grades 1 - 2 students who will receive Skill-Descriptor Report Cards. Grades 3 to 8 students will receive the same end of the year report card that they have in the past, as they have been able to work more autonomously, while engaged in each of their classes. At the end of Term 3, the teachers review the body of evidence collected for each student and the most consistent level of performance to determine the student's final achievement level or grade. We remain committed to providing the best possible learning experiences for our students under these unprecedented conditions.