Principal’s Message

My name is Lee Dabagia and I am honored and excited to be the new Principal at Summit! I began my relationship with Summit
International and the administration and ownership prior to the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year. We spent many hours talking
about Summit and our vision for the direction of the school. I specifically spent time discussing our expectations for taking Summit to
the peak of regional and international schools. We are already on our way. Summit International School is a happy and warm place to
learn. In my 24 year career, I have not seen a school with this much warmth and respect for staff, students, and parents.
I have been an administrator for 10 years and was a teacher prior to that for 13 years. I came to the UAE in 2013 to work with ADEK
at a Cycle 1 school. In two short years we moved the school from a C7 rating to a B. I then left the government schools to serve as the
Head of School at a private School in Mohamed Bin Zayed City. During my two years as Head, we moved from “Very Weak” to
“Acceptable”. Prior to the UAE, I was an English teacher, a Curriculum Coordinator, an Instructional Coach, an Associate Principal
and a Principal in the United States.

My studies and focus have always been on motivation and school improvement with a slightly less traditional approach. We like to see
our school through the students’ eyes. We want to know their perceptions and feeling about the school. We want to know if the
students feel safe enough to develop socially on the playground, and safe enough to take some educational risks in the classroom. The
care and safety and health of your child/children is taken very seriously. We know that when the teacher makes the classroom a place
where students can speak up and ask and be curious, then she/he will develop and thrive.

The teachers at Summit are very welcoming in person and during their lessons. One sign of a good school is a place where the
classrooms are welcoming and the students are smiling and having positive exchanges with adults. This is the norm at Summit.
As for our future, we have a bit of a climb ahead of us. We are registered as a candidate for accreditation through the Middle States
Association of Colleges and Schools/Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools from the United States. They are a long
established accreditation agency who will give us some objective feedback on where we need to improve. This is very important as we
will be expanding the school beyond grade 8 over the next two years. Our local goal, of course, is to be labeled as an “Outstanding”
school. To achieve both of these goals, we will need the full cooperation of the Summit Community.

Parents are valuable participants and guides for the school and for students as we climb upwards. We encourage you to ask your
children about the “My Identity” program, the Moral Education Program, and the Student Competency Framework. All of these are
new curricular initiatives from ADEK that require school and community engagement.

Assembly starts at 7:45 each day. Parents are welcome to observe the National Anthem, the Qur’an reading each day, and whatever
special presentation we might have. At 8am, the students will head off into their learning environments to begin their climb to higher

We generally have an Open Door policy and try to be as accessible as possible. If you can’t find who you need, please call the school to
make an appointment.

The Summit International Schools family is a great place to be! I know that together we will climb to the top!
Have an amazing day.

Lee Dabagia