Faculty members

The school has an international teaching staff, ranging from native Arabic speakers to native English and French speakers, thus ensuring that our pupils receive an education which is commensurate with the standard of our International council membership.

Our teachers from KG to Grade 8, are qualified and experienced people, who show a high level of commitment, not only to our pupils but to the school as a whole. It is our aim to support the teaching faculty in the optimum delivery of curricula, by providing in-service development days on a regular basis throughout the academic year.

We use external agencies and our own staff in the delivery of these professional development days.

Faculty Members – Teaching Staff 2019-2020


1) Lee Dabagia -Principal, principal@summitschool.ae

2) Jeffrey P. Sykes -Vice Principal, jeffrey@summitschool.ae

3) Samar Barakeh -Director of Assessment & Student Services, samar.barakeh@summitschool.ae

4) Afsal Ali -Accounts Manager, afsal.ali@summitschool.ae

5) Mohamed Othman -PRO, mohamed.othman@summitschool.ae

6) Mariam Fathi -Administrative Assistant to the Principal, maryam.fathi@summitschool.ae

7) Shanmukh Garaga -IT Manager, shanmukh@summitschool.ae

8) Huson Usama -Registrar, huson.usama@summitschool.ae

9) Ashique EKP -Accounts Assistant, ashique.ekp@summitschool.ae

10) Ahmad Zaza -Covid-19 Team Leader, ahmad.hasan@summitschool.ae

11) Maureen Valencia -Office TA, maureen.valencia@summitschool.ae

12) Hala Samer -Receptionist, hala.samer@summitschool.ae

13) Dania Mneimne -K-5/6-9 Girls, dania.mneimne@summitschool.ae

14) Hossni Alaflak -6-9 Boys, hosny.alaflak@summitschool.ae

15) Mary Beth Harkins -564913977,

16) Laila Nachar -508463687,

17) Emmanuel Nguo -507047796,

18) Raquel Ueda -557976197,

19) Shaheer Valappil -556353944,

20) Jericho Diano -526563356

21) Teja -0507024689

22) Sarah Diab -KG 1A, sarah.diab@summitschool.ae

23) Caoimhe Dougan -KG 1B, caoimhe@summitschool.ae

24) Jelena Bunic -KG 1C, Jelena@summitschool.ae

25) Rhianna Walker -KG 1D, rhianna@summitschool.ae

26) Ciara Olivia -KG 1E, ciara@summitschool.ae

27) Sarah Hayes -KG 2A, sarah.hayes@summitschool.ae

28) Aine Dougan -KG 2B, aine.dougan@summitschool.ae

29) Rachel Andrews -KG 2C, rachel@summitschool.ae

30) Lucy Egan -KG 2D, lucy@summitschool.ae

31) Eimear O’Regan -KG 2E, eimear@summitschool.ae

32) Kimberly Barker -Coordinator, kimberly@summitschool.ae

33) Milica Randelovic -Gr 1A, milica@summitschool.ae

34) Mayila Waqar -Gr 1B, mayila.waqar@summitschool.ae

35) Ashley Maher -Gr 1C, ashley.maher@summitschool.ae

36) Niamh O’Connell -Gr 1D, niamh@summitschool.ae

37) Salma Sultana -Gr 2A, salma.sultana@summitschool.ae

38) Kate Crowley -Gr 2B, kate.crowley@summitschool.ae

39) Roxane Mayhew -Gr 2C, roxane@summitschool.ae

40) Janice Burke -Gr 2D, janice.burke@summitschool.ae

41) Alan Leamy -Gr 3A, alan.leamy@summitschool.ae

42) Christopher Enright -Gr 3B, christopher@summitschool.ae

43) Giselle Caretto -Gr 3C, giselle.caretto@summitschool.ae

44) Fidaa Elaiba -Gr 3D, fidaa.elaiba@summitschool.ae

45) Caren George -Gr 4A, caren.george@summitschool.ae

46) Aoife Coffey -Gr 4B, aoife@summitschool.ae

47) Sreevidya Sreedharan -Gr 4C, sreevidya.sreedharan@summitschool.ae

48) Tyron Francis -Gr 4D, tyron.francis@summitschool.ae

49) Elizabeth Wilfred* -Coordinator Sci., elizabeth.wilfred@summitschool.ae

50) Nadia Baz -Gr 5A, nadia.baz@summitschool.ae

51) Reuben Hendricks -Gr 5B, reuben@summitschool.ae

52) Sarah Moore -Gr 5C, sarah.moore@summitscool.ae

53) Jaco Bruwer -Gr 5D, jaco.bruwer@summitschool.ae

54) Sara Fisekovic -6G-A/ HPE, sara.fisekovic@summitschool.ae

55) Lina Haidar -6G-B, lina.haidar@summitschool.ae

56) Ola Al Azzeh -6B-A, ola.azzeh@summitschool.ae

57) Reda Regab -6B- B /AR, reda.abouhussein@summitschool.ae

58) Marwa Hussein -7G-A/Math, marwa.hussein@summitschool.ae

59) Manal Abu Dahech -7B-A/Sci., manal.abudahech@summitschool.ae

60) Shane Reynolds -7B- A, shane.reynolds@summitschool.ae

61) Tomika Jeanine -8G-A/Math, tomika.jeanine@summitschool.ae

62) Irina Gabriela -8G-B, irina.gabriela@summitschool.ae

63) Andrew Graydon -8B-A, andrew.graydon@summitschool.ae

64) Sheunesu Dube -8B-BPastoral, sheunesu.dube@summitschool.ae

65) Katarina Bulic -9G Eng. Lead, katarina.bulic@summitschool.ae

66) Andreas Xeroudakis -9B Math Lead, andreas@summitschool.ae

67) Ian Power -DTLC, ian@summitschool.ae

68) Mohamed Ghonem -E.S.S., mohamed.ghnaim@summitschool.ae

69) Hazel O` Connor -Math, hazel.o@summitschool.ae

70) Prity Choudhary -Science, prity.choudhry@summitschool.ae

71) Dhanisha Ambadi -Science, dhanisha@summitschool.ae

72) Nabil Anis -Science, Nabil.anis@summitschool.ae

73) Yassmin El Nouby -Arabic St., yassmin.elnouby@summitschool.ae

74) Samah Hadrous -Arabic St., samah.hadrous@summitschool.ae

75) Hadeel Younis -Arabic St., hadeel.younis@summitschool.ae

76) Sajida Sami -Arabic Coordinator, sajeda.sami@summitschool.ae

77) Eman Abdelwahab -I.E., eman.abdelwahab@summitschool.ae

78) Dina Naim -A.S.S., dina.naim@summitschool.ae

79) Amani Khaled -Arabic St., amani.khaled@summitschool.ae

80) Tayseer Nabil -I.E, tayseer.nabil@summitschool.ae

81) Abeer Shabaan -Arabic/I.E, abeer.shaban@summitschool.ae

82) Mohammed Sayed -Arabic/I.E, mohammed.sayed@summitschool.ae

83) Nariman Ahmad -A.L.L., nariman@summitschool.ae

84) Dalia Mohamed -A.L.L., dalia.mohamed@summitschool.ae

85) Islam Wadi -Arabic/I.E, Islam.wadi@summitschool.ae

86) Ghadir Hijazin -A.L.L., ghadir.Hijazin@summitschool.ae

87) Ayat Ibrahim -AR Coordinator, ayat.ibrahim@summitschool.ae

88) Ahmed Alarabi -I.E., ahmed.alarabi@summitschool.ae

89) Ilham Ibrahim -A.S.S., ilham.ibrahim@summitschool.ae

90) Reda Regab -Arabic St., reda.abouhussein@summitschool.ae

91) Shaaban Ghonimy -Arabic, mohamed.shaaban@summitschool.ae

92) Sara Fisekovic -HPE, sara.fisekovic@summitschool.ae

93) Aneesh Stephen -HPE, aneesh@summitschool.ae

94) Vinette Pagani -Music, vinette@summitschool.ae

95) Jenny Lane -ICT, jenny@summitschool.ae

96) Afsheen Rana -ART, afsheen.rana@summitschool.ae

97) Benjamin Moores -ICT/IRC, benjamin.moores@summitschool.ae

98) Ronamae C. Malot -KG 1A, ronamae.malot@summitschool.ae

99) Rica Joy Armada -KG 1B, rica.joy@summitschool.ae

100) Louielyn Gae -KG 1C, louielyn@summitschool.ae

101) Sheeny Lou -KG 1D, sheenyla.v@summitschool.ae

102) Newline -KG 1E, newline.selvakumari@summitschool.ae

103) Lalaine Libranda -KG 2A, lalaine.libranda@summitschool.ae

104) Mary Grace -KG 2B, marygrace@summitschool.ae

105) Katlyn Angela -KG 2C, katlyn.angela@summitschool.ae

106) Emyliza Quiambao -KG 2D, emyliza.quaimbao@summitschool.ae

107) Jennifer Pena -KG 2E, jennifer.penna@summitschool.ae

108) Rosalie B. Saberon -Gr 1A, rosalie.saberon@summitschool.ae

109) Evelyn Corpuz -Gr 1B, evelyn.corpuz@summitschool.ae

110) Catren Perrero -Gr 1C, catren.naveed@summitschool.ae

111) Maria Eunice Pelayo -Gr 1D, eunice@summitschool.ae

112) Lilibeth Marcos -Gr 2A, lilibeth.marcos@summitschool.ae

113) Liza Salvador Cubol -Gr 2B, liza.cubol@summitschool.ae

114) Eman Tahseen -Gr 2C, eman.tahseen@summitschool.ae

115) Geraldine Gonzales -Gr 2D, geraldine.gonzales@summitschool.ae

116) Julia Fagtanan Daug -Grade 3, julia.daug@summitschool.ae

117) Edelyn Layda -Grade 4, edelyn.cabasal@summitschool.ae

118) Angelina Manuzon -Gr 5-8, angelina.manuzon@summitschool.ae

119) LillyKutty Sajid -Gr 5-8, lillykutty@summitschool.ae

120) Marwa Maarouf -Arabic TA, marwa.hourani@summitschool.ae

121) Rebecca J. De leon -SEN, rebecca@summitschool.ae